Sodium chloride

200мл - 0.9%

Sterile transparent solution for injections containing 9 g. of sodium chloride

The product meets international standards.
All premises conform to GMP standards.
Filling of bottles with infusion solutions is performed with use of “Blow-Fill-Seal” technology.

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Pharmacological group:

Rehydrating mean

Pharmacological effect:

Takes disintoxicating and rehydrating effect. Fills the deficit of sodium in case of different pathological conditions of organism and temporarily increase volume of liquid circulating in vessels.


  • Sodium chloride – 9 g.
  • Water for injections – up to 1 l.

Indications for use:

  • 0,9% sodium chloride is applied for dilution of medical products and also in cases of major losses of extracellular water or its insufficient inflow;
  • Hypochloremia and hyponatraemia with deaquation;
  • Intussusception;
  • Intoxication;
  • For bathing of wounds, eyes, pituitary membrane;
  • For partial perfusion together with heparin, antitumoral and other medical products.



Safe: shatterproof

Easily storable and transportable

Well-settled due to flat bottom?

Easily hanging?

-Convenient for drugs’ dilution

Graduated – for precise injection?

Provides easy variation of volume

Does not contain PVC

Well-designed cap?

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