Glucose (Dextrose)


Transparent colorless liquid, carbohydrate feeding mean containing 50 g., 100 g. of dextrose

The product meets international standards.
All premises conform to GMP standards.
Filling of bottles with infusion solutions is performed with use of “Blow-Fill-Seal” technology.

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Pharmacological group:

Carbohydrate feeding mean

Composition. 1 pack of dextrose contains:

  • Active substances:
    • Dextrose (glucose) monohydrate on conversion to dextrose – 50 g., 100 g.
  • Additional substances:
    • Sodium chloride – 0,26 g.
    • Chlorohydric acid solution 0,1 M – up to pH 3,0 – 5,0
    • Water for injections – up to 1 l.

Indications for use:

  • Hypokalemia, carbohydrate feeding insufficiency, toxinfection, intoxication in case of liver diseases, hemorrhagic diathesis, dehydration, collapse, shock.
  • Isotonic glucose solution (5%) is applied for compensation of liquid volume in case of cellular and general dehydration. Hypertonic glucose solution (10%) is used in cases of hypoglycemia and liver diseases, heavy infectious diseases, various intoxications, hemorrhagic diathesis and also for parenteral feeding.
  • Glucose solutions can be used independently or for dilution of other medical products.


Safe: shatterproof

Easily storable and transportable

Well-settled due to flat bottom?

Easily hanging?

-Convenient for drugs’ dilution

Graduated – for precise injection?

Provides easy variation of volume

Does not contain PVC

Well-designed cap?

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