“Pharma International Company Russia-CIS” LLC recruits employees (full social package).

Main type of activity: chemical production, pharmaceutical products’ production.
Branch: chemical and pharmaceutical industry.

Employees required:

  • Accountant-general with experience of working at industrial enterprise (higher education);
  • Executive producer (education –  chemist, chemical engineer, c);
  • Supervisor of infusion solution workshop (education –  chemist, chemical engineer, pharmacist);
  • Marketing and sales department manager (higher economic education, pharmaceutical sales representative);
  • Laboratory chief (higher education – chemist, pharmacist, with working experience);
  • Microbiologist-analyst (higher education);
  • НРLC analyst (higher education with working experience);
  • Calibration and validation engineer (higher education – mechanic engineer);
  • Pills workshop supervisor (higher education – chemical engineer, pharmacist);
  • Mechanic in pills workshop (higher education – mechanic engineer);
  • Chief of research work department (higher education –  chemist, pharmacist);
  • To filling site – operator of P/E bottles filling;
  • Sterilization site – sterilization operator;
  • Packaging site – packers;
  • Cleaner in infusion solutions’ workshop.