“Pharma International Company Russia-CIS” LLC recruits employees (full social package).

Main type of activity: chemical production, pharmaceutical products’ production.
Branch: chemical and pharmaceutical industry.

Employees required:

  • Heads of Departments
    1. Principal engineer of Engineering Department
    2. Head of Research and Development Division
    3. Head of Registration Division
    4. Head of Validation and Documentation Division
    5. Head of Infusion Section
    6. Head of Tableting Section
    7. Head of Capsule Section
    8. Head of Liquid Section
    9. Head of Cosmetics Section
    10. Head of Control and Quality Assurance Department
    11. Head of Accounting Department
    12. Chief officer of Financial Department (CFO-chief financial officer)
    13. Chief officer of Human Resources (Chief human resources officer)
    14. Head of Marketing
    15. Director of Procurement Department
    16. Head of IT department
    17. Head of Transporting Department
    18. Head of International Relations
    19. Secretary with French mother-tongue (with commercial skills)
    20. Secretary with English mother-tongue (with commercial skills)
    21. Secretary with Chinese mother-tongue (with commercial skills)

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