Opportunities for young specialists


“Pharma International company Russia-CIS” tries to draw attention of talented and vigorous youth providing good opportunities of career growth and offering to work in high-technology working environment with viable wage.

For us young workers possess special value, as far as graduates are able to suggest new spirited ideas, carry infinite energy and have wish to change the world indeed. Therefore, we realize the importance of educational institutions’ support and are always in search for young talents, who share our adherence to healthcare and aspiration to make the world better.

In addition to support of universities’ education Pharma International develops and implements own training programs for preparation of future employees for modern chemical production, which is being significant factor of staff qualification and the mean for preventing staff deficit. More than 90 employees of our company have already completed training on the basis of Pharma International.

We offer you to acquaint with Pharma International company understanding how it is important for you to choose right position that would share your interests and correspond to your ambitions.

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