The program of import substitution

Сontribution to import substitutionСontribution to import substitution


Under conditions of world financial crisis foreign medicines have come at too high cost for Russian consumer. To turn the tide Government of the Russian Federation adopted decision to produce own analogues of import drugs. The enterprise established in the Republic of Kabardino-Balkaria become one of the first steps aimed at import substitution in this sphere. Our manufacturing plant reduces dependence on medicaments’ import and due to this reason possesses paramount importance in safety provision.

The plant possesses paramount importance in promotion of country’s security, as far as it will reduce dependence on medicaments’ import. In respect of the republic the major importance of the pharmaceutical enterprise lies in the fact that it provides new working places and bears demand for manufactured products. What can be more honorable, than treatment of people? This is the first project in association with Jordanian investors. We suppose it is just the beginning of long way. And we intend to enhance investment activity in our republic.

Despite world financial crisis that had impact on Russian economy as well, the enterprise’s staff has managed to conduct global restructuring and modernization of production and come to the first development stage – the production of infusion solutions in PET-bottles conforming to European standards. The next step on the assumption of general plan of company’s development designed for three years is the production of infusion solutions in containers. Our enterprise plans to increase the production of solutions for infusions up to 1200 mln. bottles per month. Then, in the first quarter of 2015 we plan to launch a workshop for production of medical products in pills.


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The range of products manufactured by our enterprise will be added with antiviral, antibiotic, antiallergic, cardiovascular, anesthetic and gastroenteric drugs. We also plan to produce such types of medical products as: drops, capsules, syrups, sprays, suspensions.

Partnership geographyPartnership geography extension

Company’s management positively considers opportunities of organization of partnership with major international pharmaceutical manufacturers. Our partnership implies not only granting of exclusive rights for medicines’ production, but also consultations with experienced experts and informational and technical support.


We also have well-developed partnership with medical institutions of Russia. Our first client is the biggest drug-store chain in Kabardino-Balkaria – “Pervaya Apteka”. In addition we receive numerous applications from the whole south of Russia, the region, at which “Pharma International Company Russia-CIS” LLC was initially oriented. At the current time our products are delivered to different medical institutions of Central, Southern, North Caucasus federal districts and to the Republic of Bashkortostan.

The main efforts of the company are concentrated on the markets of Russia and countries of CIS. Moreover, we plan to extend distribution channels to countries of Europe and the Near East.
Our marketing policy is aimed at close cooperation with clients, maximum possible satisfaction of requests and desires of buyers. Due to constantly conducting work on increase of clients’ service quality we will create image of enterprise as reliable and authoritative partner.

Business teamBusiness team

Despite obligatory (particularly – for pharmaceutical company) structural and hierarchic dividing, the real stream ways of communication turn the company into organization possessing truly democratic structure, in which employees work in joint team with each other and company’s management. In its turn, the management controls everyday work for the purpose of providing support at the moment and at the site, where it’s being really necessary. Such a flexible process promotes finding and applying of necessary solutions in faster way, which provides more effective corresponding to the needs of our partners and consumers.

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In total we plan to create 350 working places at the enterprise. Up to date our team makes 150 persons, among which the third part of workers have higher pharmaceutical education, while the majority possesses specialized secondary education and practical experience of working at plant. At our enterprise we have developed the split-level training system that combines theory and practice approaches and periodic knowledge tests. Every person hired for job should undergo training in respect of his future duties. The training system is organized and controlled by Company’s management and quality assurance department.

Our missionOur mission – safety and social responsibility

Company’s management and the whole working team are aware of importance and social responsibility of manufactured goods. On such a basis the following principles, which we will unceasingly adhere to, were formulated:

  • Safe, effective and high-quality products at moderate prices.
  • Mutually beneficial relationships with business-partners for the purpose of maintenance of goods’ distribution channels on a long-term basis.
  • The quality problems are prevented – not revealed after their occurrence.
  • Increase of competence, responsibility and diligence of our employees due to the system of continuous training and rating.
  • Improvement and renewal of production equipment, means and methods of measurements for the purpose of providing conformity to the latest standards.

Our main objective is the creation of “Pharma International Company Russia-CIS” LLC brand, as the symbol of high-quality and safe products.

Quality system GMPQuality system in GMP format

We do not declare high quality – we guarantee it. Since the first days of working the enterprise’s team was entrusted with the task of providing stable quality. Its achievement can be only possible due to correctly organized quality system based on GMP rules.

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In fact, GMP is the set of number of Russian GOSTs and various codes (construction, sanitary, fire-prevention). However in the list there are also some requirements that are not provided by Russian standards. For example, creation of “especially clean workshops” – the premises with special air filtration regime and entrance lock.

Even today our enterprise works in accordance with international standards for providing of modern level of production organization, quality control of medical drugs and labour conditions meeting requirements of European Union and WTO. These requirements define parameters of every production stage – from material of workshop’s floor and amount of microorganism as per cubic meter of air to work clothes of employees and marking made on products’ package.

Quality policy of Pharma International consists in production of safe, high-quality pharmaceutical production meeting GMP and GLP standards and all the governmental decrees.

Within the process of certification procedure all subdivisions of the company and all the processes necessary for functioning of quality system were subject to complex check. Presence of quality management system certificate of 150 9001 standard is the indicator of company’s competitiveness not only at national, but also at international level, as well as additional guarantee of company’s reliability.

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Guaranteed quality of our products is provided with the following factors:

  • Well-prepared personnel;
  • Production and packaging premises conforming to GMP standards;
  • Modern laboratories conducting products’ tests;
  • Specialty equipment and sophisticated technologies;
  • Internal and external quality control;
  • System of quality control assurance at all stages of production, testing and distribution;
  • Continuous improvement of processes and products’ quality.

In 2013 the enterprise obtained Certificate of correspondence to the requirements of GOST 159001-2011 (150 9001:2008) – Systems of Quality Management as applied to production, storage and realization of sterile and non-sterile medical products.

For 8 years of working we have ascertained that in the Republic of Kabardino-Balkaria great attention was paid to realization of investment projects and programs, especially – in social sphere. So we’d like to express our appreciation to governance of Kabardino-Balkaria for support and the conditions created for conduct of business in the republic.

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