Contract manufactur

LLC “Pharma International Company Russia-CIS” offers services for placing orders on a contract basis. Company’s production capacity and experience enable us to work successfully in the field of contract manufacturing:

  • contract full-cycle production of your company using the facilities of  the joint venture
  • delivery of products IN-BULK with subsequent packaging and delivery under your company’s brand to consumers
  • delivery of products IN-BULK with subsequent packaging and delivery to the market under our brand
  • Reproduction the analogue chosen by you or realization of your original formula using our substance and excipients or with full order our raw materials and materials;
  • registration of new products for exportation to Russia and the CIS markets
  • a proposal for a joint promotion on the interesting markets of our and your products
  • Your organization’s participation in current and / or future investment projects in the Russian Federation.
  • There is a package of additional services (packaging design for registration and so on.).
  • In addition, you have the opportunity to conduct an audit of the production of your own products.
  • Keeping your order from preproduction to industrial production.

LLC “Pharma International Company Russia-CIS” is ready to cooperate within the framework of contract manufacturing for all dosage forms of drugs specified in the license to manufacture. We provide services in the area of high-tech production:

  • encapsulationof granular mixtures, injectableproduction and bottlingmedicines (ampoules andvialsof different capacity), powders (antibiotics) tablets; packaging productionof liquid andsolid dosage forms (primary and secondary packaging) – to specifywhethertheyprovide.
  • blistering, packing in a jar, packing in a pack), well as conduct a full production cycle from preparation to packaging filler to the shipping box.

Advantages of working with us:

  • 8- years of experience in production by our colleagues, professional team and a willingness to expand business partnership projects. Production of medicines fully certified for compliance with the national standard GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice).
  • Great experience in the production of pharmaceutical products;
  • The modern production facilities with high-tech production equipment leading firms and complex laboratories;
  • Integrated Quality Management System in accordance with ISO meet the requirements of the Rules of GMP (GOST R 52249-2009 “Rules of production and quality control of drugs”)
  • Highly qualified staff;
  • Flexible conditions for the customer;
  • Competitive price services;
  • Long-term and mutually beneficial partnerships.

For all questions:
– Amar Abdul


Pharma International is the safe, effective and high-quality products conforming to GML and GLP standards.
At our enterprise we apply “Blow-Fill-Seal” technology for infusion solutions’ production


    • Storable and transportable
    • Safe: shatterproof
    • Well-settled due to flat bottom
    • Easily hanging
    • Convenient for medicaments’ dilution
    • Graduated - for precise injection
    • Provides easy variation of volume
    • Does not contain PVC
  • CAP

    • Equipped with rubber disk
    • 2 usable apertures for injection of infusion sets with additional medications.
    • Does not contain metal parts – no risk of cuts and damages leading to violation of geometries.
    • The bottle is fully hermetic

    Melting of granulate at the temperature of 190o C before formation, filling and sealing of bottle:

    • Sound – tamperproof package
    • Safe – shatterproof package
    • Cost-effective – low cost of production

Blow-Fill-Seal technology

Filling of polyethylene bottles is performed by means of equipment of Rommelag company (Switzerland) with use of “Blow-Fill-Seal” technology.
Thus, granulate is melted at the temperature of 190 C, after which bottles are formed, filled and sealed.



  • Production premises conforming to GMP standards
  • Laboratories conforming to GMP standards
  • Specialty equipment and modern technologies

Client orientation

  • Continuous clients feedback
  • Effective and high-quality products at moderate prices
  • Improvement of service and partnership quality


  • High level of employees’ competence due to the system of ongoing training
  • Quality system strict control
  • High-quality products